Your hypnotherapy session

Your first session

I understand that people will be coming to see me with an issue that they want to improve. You might also be hesitant or inquisitive about your first session. This is completely normal. It is why the first session is different

Initial consultation

Our work will begin with an initial consultation which can take up to 45-60 minutes.

We talk about what it is that you’d like to achieve. We discuss your current situation, options and a way forward. You can take away a complimentary CD or MP3 download relaxation to listen to at night which helps to maximise your treatment.

Please note that your initial consultation is a really important part of your hypnotherapy treatment. It helps you to feel more comfortable and achieve your goals.

Going forward – your hypnotherapy sessions

In subsequent sessions we talk about your best hopes and review how the mind is working and further solutions that will help you to achieve your goals. The hypnotherapy works through all of this to allow your mind to be calm and focused.  It’s called trance – we trance many times a day naturally.

It’s the trance part of the work that allows your mind to come up with the solution to your ‘query’.

There is also the opportunity to practice calmer breathing and for you to implement this into your daily life. It can further support with refreshing, repairing and relaxing you.

Your main sessions can last between 60 to 70 minutes and you will know how many sessions you need.

A lot of my clients prefer to have between four to six sessions.  It’s completely dependent on you.

Prices and booking