I quit smoking with hypnotherapy

EF  Worcester

Having smoked heavily for over 20 years, cigarettes had become a crutch in my life.  I wanted to give up but was anxious about losing the crutch.  I’d failed miserably many times before.

I wondered if 1 session of hypnotherapy would really turn me around.  I was there for 2 hours and by the end I felt I had the attitude to stop the cigarettes.  I didn’t want my normal 8pm ‘fix’ but at 3am I was up, anxious about the crutch I’d given up, went to smoke a cigarette and was so surprised that it made me feel sick and since then haven’t touched another – 3 months ago.

Hypnotherapy was wonderful and straightforward

EE  Worcester

I saw Melanie for hypnotherapy due to anxiety.  I was so anxious that I worried over the smallest thing and struggled to leave the house.  Melanie was friendly and put me at ease immediately – a must for those who are anxious. I had 8 weekly sessions and now have the confidence to dismiss irrational fears as pointless worries and am starting to rebuild my life.

JO, Suckley

Having a pain in the neck and shoulder is no longer treated by popping pills. Having discovered Mel’s magic hands and holistic approach, I reach for the phone instead and hope she has time to treat me. I love her quiet treatment space and unhurried approach.

SW, Worcester

As a keen long distance cyclist I have been having massage treatments with Melanie for the past two years. I always end up with sore muscles and she manages to ease the tension and I leave feeling very comfotable.

KS Worcester – sleeping in the house on my own.
I have had hypnotherapy with Mel- I actually can’t believe it worked. I’m the biggest ‘rebel’ to meditation; my brain can’t switch off, yet Mel soon proved me wrong. I have had a phobia of being in the house on my own/the dark ever since I was a child as well as extreme anxiety. Two sessions with Mel and I was able to spend a week solo and genuinely enjoy it. I managed to sleep and my anxiety levels dropped.  I can’t thank her enough, and will continue to harp on to anyone who will listen how incredible every aspect of her therapy is.