Prices and booking

Booking couldn’t be easier.

It’s easy to make a booking.   Just give Melanie a call on 07801 371246 so we can have a chat about your problem or reason ahead of your appointment or contact us via the website to make an appointment.

Opening times

Monday              12.00pm-6.30pm
Tuesday              11.00am-6.30pm
Wednesday       12.00pm-6.30pm
Thursday             9.30am-6.30pm

How to pay

Payment is by cash, cheque, bank transfer (please enquire for details).

Discretionary rate for unemployed and students.



Please call me to have a chat about how I can help you if you’d like to.

Initial Consultation FREE which allows you to better understand how your mind works and how you can make decisions you want rather than what you currently do.  It also allows you to meet me. If you’d like to experience mind relaxation the cost is £25

Subsequent sessions £55 (approx. 60 mins) Usually 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis for cumulative effect.

Block book 4 sessions (payment in advance) £200 – non refundable.

Hypnomassage, Hypnoreflexology

£50  approx 60 mins – Usually 4-6 sessions on a weekly basis for a cumulative effect.

Block book 4 sessions (payment in advance) £180 – non refundable.

Myofascial Release/Reflexology

£40  45 mins
£45  60 mins

Terms and Conditions


Treatments are cumulative; Rome wasn’t build in one day.  Aches, discomforts etc. have taken a while for you to notice, so please don’t expect the be ‘sorted’ in one or two sessions.  If you have hypnotherapy then please listen to the MP3/CD as instructed – this is part of the process  and takes commitment and the desire to create the changes you want.

Therapy Sessions and Fees

Prices are listed on website on the appropriate page.


You commit to attend the appointments especially with hypnotherapy because attendance is your commitment to helping you with the changes you want


Reasonable notice for cancellation is 48 hours – it allows another client to have your slot – please call, text, email, message me and we will re-arrange for the same week or within 7 days.

Arriving late

This is unavoidable sometimes due to traffic etc   Please let me know if you are going to be 10+ mins late.  Your session will possibly need to be shortened but I try not to let this happen


I am a member of the ICO (Independent Commissioners Office) so your data is confidential. However please note that with my Facebook business page Facebook stores your information.

Standards of Behaviour

I respect my clients and I expect the same in return.  The only treatments offered are those listed on my website.

I reserve the right to cancel the session/s.  Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs.  Drugs prescribed by your GP/Doctor are acceptable.

Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy which covers data protection and how we handle your data.