Pregnancy & post natal treatments

How can treatments help me?

Pregnancy and post natal treatments may help if you’re trying for a baby, or pregnant or post natal. Rushwick Therapies offers massage, reflexology and hypnotherapy.  Try them or mix them to help relax and prepare your mind and body and feel physically and emotionally supported.  If this is your first birth there are probably lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘but whats’ going on.

Your attitude will influence your pregnancy, birth and beyond. If you feel anxious or fearful then your baby will too. If you feel these emotions then labour may take longer.  Your mood/hormonal swings can make you laugh or cry. Mums need to be nurtured and cherished.  Looking after that little miracle inside means ditching other daily stuff and feeling ok about it!

How you think will have an huge effect on how you behave and manage this special journey.  Changing your perspective to positive focus will help enormously.  See hypnotherapy below.

Getting your mind to rest – stepping off the ‘hamster wheel’ and gaining control takes a little practice but is so worth while.   Visualisations and breathing exercises are great tools as are pregnancy/post natal yoga, pilates, swimming, walking etc.

Having a positive (and ‘difficult’) birth is so much nicer than a negative (and ‘difficult’) birth!  Fear and anxiety always stop the fun.  Get the oxytocin flowing and labour will follow more easily

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