Myofascial Release

What is Myofascial Release?

Free up the tension points in your body with Myofascial release with Rushwick TherapiesMyofascial Release (MFR) has been hailed by John F Barnes as the missing piece of the jigsaw in massage therapy. If we have tightness in one area it’s going to impact elsewhere – if the scaffolding is unbalanced the structure can be weakened.  This is a gentle yet deep way to release muscle discomfort and pain. Fascia is like a spiders web that permeates every muscle, organ and bone.  This acts as a massive shock absorber and energy saving device to the body and when this is compromised then chances are muscle pains, strains or tension build up will occur.

It is made up of many layers of connective tissue which allow slide, glide and functionality, allowing us to move, bend, twist etc.  It is often underestimated how ‘stuck’ we can become.

MFR is slow, gentle and relaxing.

Myofascial Release is a slow and relaxing techique provided by Rushwick TherapiesNo oils or creams are used. It does not use deep or long strokes. It is a manual hands on therapy concentrating on soft tissue dysfunction, pain and stress to an area.

Gentle pressure is applied to the painful area over the course of 2-5 minutes. During this time the underlying tissues ‘melt’ or ‘soften’ allowing the tissues to start to return to their original healthy position.

From a personal experience my neck was not responding to massage so I tried this, slept well, could move my neck so did the course and now love giving the treatment.

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