Clinical hypnotherapy Worcestershire

What is Hypnotherapy and how can it help?

Feeling a bit screwed up?  Anxious?  Overwhelmed?   Fed up?  Tired?  Life out of control?

Hypnotherapy helps you relax bringing anxiety levels right down.

Want to increase your confidence?  self esteem?  Sleep?  Be more in control of life? Results may vary and guaranteed. Full client commitment is important and the client will want to make

Make sure your brain is working in the right way with Rushwick Therapies

Learn how this works and how you can leave feeling better and able to take control.

  • Find me in
  • Lets help you learn how to deeply relax – easily.
  • No one ever gets ‘stuck’ in hypnosis.  It’s just not possible!
  • It eliminates stress, anxiety and negative thoughts by creating positive thought without raking up the past.
  • We use positive language patterns to allow the subconscious mind to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours for the better.
  • The conscious and subconscious minds come together to focus on one thing rather than listening to mixed messages.   Humans are so good at sending mixed messages – shall I shan’t I, can I can’t I?
  • Trance is an everyday normal experience – remember the drive to work?  Remember juggling 2 or 3 things at once?  We all do this daily.  It allows us to deal with all that life throws at us.  The conscious mind goes off elsewhere and subconscious ‘auto pilot’ takes over.
  • If you want to make that change to let go of problems and embrace new ideas try it.
  • Understand how your brain works and why it works as it does.
  • Change your mind set or perception about the positive changes you want.
  • Give yourself permission to make your choice about the life you see yourself leading.
  • The skills you learn will empower you, raise your confidence & show you what works for you.

How does the mind work?

As a clinical hypnotherapist I’ve learnt how your mind can contrive anything it wants – often we let it fun riot without control and end up feeling wrung out and stressed.   Check out to find me on the register
Maybe we don’t even know what sets the chain of anxiety in motion.
YOU are always in control – there’s no magic! I trained in Solution focused hypnotherapy because I needed to empty my bucket and it is based on neuroscience research.

It gives you the opportunity to gain control of your life through relaxation and trance.
We trance naturally – remember the journey to work? what did you do on auto pilot today?  That is trance.
Our conscious minds go off somewhere else and the subconscious mind keeps us on track.

What happens in a session?

Together we go through an initial consultation which lasts approx. 60-90 mins. You also get to sample relaxation.  This is probably the most important part of the whole treatment. We look at what you’d like to achieve, see how that forms into your reality with options and a way forward.  There is a cd or MP3 download relaxation to listen to at night.

In subsequent sessions I will ask you what’s been better.  You can then allow your mind to relax on the comfortable warm couch.  These last for 60 mins. You will know how many you need. Usually clients take 4-6 sessions.

No gimmicks, no TV sensationalism.  By relaxing the mind you are able to reduce your anxieties and mithering.  Ultimately you have control of your thoughts. Yes you do.  If I can do it so can you!

Check out my Hypnomassage and Hypnoreflexology link if you’d like a real holiday for mind and body to help release tension to allow a more effective and beneficial treatment. See  massage page and its therapeutic benefits.

  Rushwick Therapies are registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare CouncilAssociation of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy





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