Find your ‘happy’ with hypnotherapy

Happiness? What exactly is it? I think we all know there’s not a ‘one size fits all’.

Clients come to sort their ‘happy’ out, to restore it or to find it for the first time. Some don’t expect it but are thrilled when they find it. They come for hypnotherapy or reflexology. It’s the best ‘chill pill’ to reduce stress and find relaxation your mind needs.

Happiness can be a feeling of relief – great when you’ve overcome a problem or worry and you’re one step up the ladder. (life is full of ups and downs). However we can choose how to look at a problem or step on the ladder – it is a lot about your own choice. Life is really a series of steps, hopefully more up than down.

If you decide, for instance, to join a dance group or class activity or even take up gardening club you take a step up the ladder and find equipment to do the activity so this presents another set of interesting steps up. Eventually you have all the ‘things’ you need to do the activity and you begin, maybe slightly nervously to begin but then you get into the swing of it and, I guess, either love it or list it! Our reality is about taking those upward steps bit by bit.

Your thoughts are bubbling away – they always will and you know you can chose a way to deal with them. There will always be negotiations on the life of a step ladder. There is a safety net if you feel a bit uncertain and I can help you with that.

Happiness is something you can’t honestly buy or take off a shelf. It has to be ‘felt’. It’s an emotion, it’s always work in progress, it’s an activity as mentioned above.

So to be happy we have to work at it – yes. However for some life isn’t easy and there are many ladders to climb before they reach the light. Many people are in a sort of denial about the crap in their life anyway. It’s too hard to bring it up and deal with it. It’s hard work but taking one step at a time to free yourself is key.

Others believe ‘this is me and that’s how I am’. So sad, especially when there is a way forward, just by opening up and trusting yourself or going to a support group, good friend (who probably won’t judge you or think you’re a failure even though your mind thinks she will) maybe your parent?

Write about what this happy/nice/elevated/cheerful/delighted (yes a Theasurus is great) ‘feeling’ is and what difference a spot of this would make to your daily life. Many people draw and colour this picture of ‘felt’. For some it’s easier and takes the pressure off writing it.

At least do something because if you seriously want to get out of your rut and become unstuck (it is a safe free place) and look at life with a different set of lenses you have to put in a bit of work. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Give me a call – 07801 371246 or via the contact page. Do one thing to take you on that upward ladder.

It’s true that if you keep repeating the same old routine or habit then you’re going to get the same stuff back. Change your mind a little and you change your life – bit by bit to what you really want (not talking about lottery win or big house – this is about your window on your world) 🙂 Mel


Where has January already gone?

Apart from New Year in France with family it’s been happily hectic with work until 14th when I started with a vile cold and it’s still lingering today 21st.  Never mind, it’s a beautiful sunny day and that always puts me in an optimistic mindset.

I have some BRIEF therapy training to do at the end of the week and looking through my notebook – I’ve got a few, not an obsession just love beautiful colours and writing!  I decided to blog about the brain – of course………………..

Photo by Alexander Hafemann on Unsplash  .   I found this pic which perfectly shows reality……..


Imagine your mind is an iceberg.  That lovely white bit on the top measures approx 10%.  Think of it as your conscious mind – this is the bit where we stop and consider choices or thoughts and deal with them in control and correctly.  We behave is a way that is effective for us and our ‘tribe’ around us.

Now lets imagine the bigger bottom part of the iceberg.  All sorts of rubbish get stuck in here.  That a whopping 90% of old stuff, learnt behaviours, misguided beliefs, old limitations.

😊Good news is that lots of s/conscious patterns keep us alive.  It’s there for our survival after all.

e.g. if someone or something comes out in front of your car – faster than a nanosecond, your s/conscious mind is on the brakes – phew!

😒  However there are others that we store and hide without realising it

e.g. panic, anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, traumas.

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses a wonderful altered state of awareness – you know what it’s like trying to watch a tv programme but gently ‘nodding off’.  You hear the programme but you don’t see it.  Bit like a warm comfy feeling.

Do you remember things you do everyday like the details on your daily commute, honestly remembering each plate you washed up?  Chances are you were ‘miles away’ – a nice place to be for most of us, maybe – at this time of year loving the idea of being somewhere sunny and hot.  Maybe thinking about what you’ll serve for supper tonight, that walk you plan, getting together with friends?

In this altered state of awareness – trance your mind can calm down and feel quite relaxed and sleepy

This allows me to use some lovely language patterns – like the tv programme, your subconscious mind hears but your eyes don’t see.  You can visualise if that suits you.  Your choice which we can talk through. I will use whatever objectives you want to see as your preferred way forward – freeing the weight from your shoulders

By doing this it enables you to create positive changes you want and ditch the outdated, wearisome stuff you don’t want anymore.

You are in control of everything – there is no stage stuff going on here.  Always happy to talk with you about treatment and I’ll tell you how it helped me!!

Enjoy the sunshine this morning and thanks for reading 😊

Mel x

Wake Up Call!

Waking Up   – How many alarm clocks do I need? Sleep well

How many clocks do I need?

Super quick blog  …………….. Super quick TIP

So here’s the thing – If you go to bed and have a power down period beforehand – maybe 30 mins to 1 hour –  9pm or 9.30pm without your social media – OMG.  I can just see you all looking aghast.  No worries you’ll still be breathing in the morning.  Nothing much will change in your life 8 hours of sleep – short of a disaster.

How nice would it be to wake with your internal body clock rather than your social working clock?  Yeh right impossible? NO!  Do you even know how your internal clock works?  When you discover the way to work with yours then sleep seems to improve.  It’s a no brainer really.

At this time of year when the evenings are darker animals snuggle down or hibernate.  They are showing  us ‘clever silly’ humans – come on, sometimes we are silly.  Work work work, got to hit deadline – like a rabbit in the headlights, fully fueled with adrenaline and incapable of sleep and knackered.

We need to restore, conserve and protect ourselves through November, December, January and February.  It’s good to emotionally nourish and nurture ourselves – clear physical and emotional baggage,  much like a gardener prepping for the winter months.

It’s important because stress levels tend to increase due to overworking, waking early, working late, dealing with emails, social media – the latter of which you do have control over as you well know.  So easy to become REactive when your sleep is poor.

It pays for many of us to get our heads down and properly sleep.  None of the light stuff that pays scant attention to doing the ‘body refurbishment and cellular regeneration’.  Yes I too toss and turn at night but I know how to deal with it and wake like a lark in the morning – well most mornings!

Lots of people are night owls which doesn’t help in the mornings – yes you could do with your get up time at 9am. Morning larks like to hit the pillow earlier and wake around 7am.  Which one are you?

I take my hat off to shift workers.  More about body clocks in next post

“It is refreshing to see the healing potential of sleep outside of clinical trial settings, as this goes to show that the benefits of better sleep are accessible to everyone and not reserved for those with extremely bad sleep requiring intensive treatments.

To find out more about my work with poor sleep and anxiety hop onto

Better still go to the bookings page and lets get together for a FREE initial consultation – what’ve you got to lose?

Thanks for Ahmad Ossayli for the clocks!



To sleep or not to sleep – your choice

Zzzzzzzz  Do you ‘sleep’ and wake like a lark or feel like a flat battery?

Anxiety and poor sleep are not good bed partners.  They both fight.

Understanding a bit about how your mind works when it comes to your sleep quota is important.

There’s loads of advice, much of it contradictory, but some that is well researched.  What do we believe?

One thing’s for certain –  we let life, with all it entails, drag us down without realising it.  Bit like a magnet picking up all our negativity – gets heavy and unfortunately we become accustomed to it until it brings us down.

Here’s the thing -Anxiety messes with your sleep big time.

My story is pretty much like others – So was it anxiety that led to poor sleep or was it poor sleep that led to anxiety?  Interesting chicken and egg question.  Whichever way you think your sleep or anxiety became a focus probably doesn’t serve any good purpose.  I managed to recognise that small changes helped me to sort it.

So let me ask you, what are your best hopes be for better sleep and reduced anxiety?  Tough question because it means you have to stop and consider how this sleep/anxiety affair is directing your thoughts.

How would your life be just a little bit different if you could improve sleep and reduce anxiety and a calm your mind.  You may want to jot some thoughts down.  Don’t be shy, just grab paper and pen and make those new thoughts your own.  Switch on your light bulb and enter your world of new possibilities.

Top Tips to follow on next blog or come and have your free initial consultation and get to know how your brain can change for the best.   07801 371246

Sweet dreams

thanks to icons8-team for lovely clock image 😁🎈

Relaxation – it’s worth it for your mind and body ………………….

Teaching an old dog new tricks eh? Yes you can rewire your brain – breakfree from self limiting beliefs and outdated thoughts that do you no favours.  It’s easier than you may think ………..

I’ve been asked many times why I do hypnotherapy as a treatment.  Thought I’d try this blog thing and unwind the story.

Too much stress stopped me in my tracks some years ago – same old thing – bad habits learnt over the years.  I wouldn’t or didn’t know how to recognise the symptoms so I kept going, adapting to situations until the crash happened. Not pleasant for all concerned.

I wanted to learn how to change my thoughts and relax – remember the Cadburys Caramel advert with the lovely softly spoken rabbit and the bonkers mad postie birds (You Tube it!) Take It Easy with ……….. well you can take it easy at Rushwick Therapies – you wont get the actual chocolate but you will understand how important relaxation is to your wellbeing.

Anyway long story short – I thought I’d have a look at hypnotherapy – I mean as a complementary therapist why not?  I did have reservations about the stage shows I’d seen but went for the open day with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training at their satellite ‘office’ in Kings Norton, liked what it could do and signed up. The learning was tough and intensive but after 15 months I qualified and haven’t looked back since.

For decades scientists thought the brain was static and unchanging.  They realise it is a dynamic organ capable of so many amazing things – it’s adaptable and can grow ‘new bits’ and prune off the bits that are not used – the term use it or lose it certainly applies here. It is called ‘neuroplasticity’ and its AMAZING!

Check out any TED talks about it and you’ll see that learning new positive habits (takes approx 45-90 days according to leading brain guru Loretta G Breuning) puts you in control of your life and emotions – emotions and thoughts constantly bubble but do they all do you any favours? No!  They keep tagging onto old beliefs, beliefs that are self limiting. We learn habits and the more we do them the stronger they become so break free – you can.

Contact me for your free initial 30 min consultation (can be here at Rushwick Therapies or by phone) Start taking the heavy weight off your shoulders and replace it with something lighter, something that makes you smile.