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Hypnotherapy, hypnomassage, pregnancy treatments, reflexology, myofascial release - the easy way to empty your stress bucket

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Welcome to Rushwick Therapies

Rushwick Therapies logoRushwick Therapies gives you the repair kit for your mind and body the solution focused way with hypnotherapy, hypno-massage, pregnancy massage, general and pregnancy reflexology across Worcestershire. These can be blended to make up fantastic sessions. It’s the easiest way to empty your stress bucket.

Call today to discuss your treatment options 07801 371246.

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Can you imagine how wonderful it is to have more control in your life?

Just a few general benefits:
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Feeling calmer, quieter, happier
  • Relief from congested knotty tissues
  • Relief from hormonal conditions, menopause and during pregnancy
  • General improvement to circulation and lymph systems

We look after you

Every client is individual at Rushwick Therapies® and your treatment will reflect your needs.
Treatment histories are kept after each session so we can assess how you are doing/feeling/improving – it’s probably taken months/years for pain and tension to develop so please don’t expect complete miracles from just one treatment!

Learn what Rushwick Therapies can do for you



Solution focused Hypnotherapy is a natural harnessing of focused thought. It is what you focus on that provides the emotional response. a response that you can control and find a solution to. Suffer with anxieties, worries, fear, anger, fear, phobias, depression or confidence issues? Try this.
Pregnancy treaments from Rushwick Therapies

Pregnancy treaments from Rushwick Therapies

Pregnancy can be a magical and maybe confusing time for pre-natal mothers (and partners!) as both mother and baby undergo many changes. Extra pressure on joints, ligaments and organs can cause discomfort. Try our massage and reflexology treatments to calm, soothe and nurture both you, the mother, and baby.
Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a specialised treatment that releases restrictions in the connective tissue (fascial network) enabling stuck, hardened dehydrated areas to become pliable, soft, mobile & hydrated. Wonderfully slow and gentle.

Look after yourself

We use our heads so much we forget our minds and bodies much of the time. It's easy to get negative
  • How much pain or discomfort are you feeling?
  • Feel ‘stuck in a rut’?
  • Any ‘negatives’ in your life which contributes to pain or discomfort?
  • Is your day made up of a ‘daily grind’ racing around to please everyone?
  • How is your sleep? Feel tired in the morning? Is your mind waking you at night?

View these therapies as ‘essential food’ for body and mind that can refresh us, steady us, comfort and nuture us

About Melanie Harris

Mel Harris of Rushwick TherapiesI am fully qualified and insured to carry out all the therapies shown and continue to update my knowledge yearly and hold current enhanced CRB status.
I am registered with
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Association of Reflexologists
  • Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Coluncil
  • Association of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy

Covering your costs

Healthcare Insurers who recognise remedial massage and reflexology are: Health Shield, Paycare, BUPA, Westfield Helath and UK Healthcare so please check the small print to see if you can recoup some costs.